Tips on Persian Cat Grooming

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When you buy your own Persian cat, you must know the different
responsibilities that come with it. You 
should be aware that your cat needs to be groomed regularly. Persian cat preparation is very important to keep 
your Persian cat happy and healthy. It is sometimes tedious, but just think of it as a connecting point between you and your Persian cat. 

Animals Persians have a very long and soft fur. She is prone to mats and dirt. Sometimes, your skin looks clean, but when you look carefully, you will find dirt hidden in his coat. There are also times when your cat's fur gets in the way when passing stools or urine. If your cat is not groomed regularly, mats in your skin can cause skin infections. 
Here are some tips in Persian grooming 

1. Use a comb instead of a brush when you groom your cat. Combing can effectively remove dead hair deep in your skin. Use a wide-tooth comb and metal. 

Two. Persian cats can not take his daily bath. They can be washed every two to six weeks depending on the degree of contamination of the skin is. Cats are natural groomers but there are times when the earth is too much for them to clean themselves. Be sure to remove mats before bathing the cat. 

Three. When you decide to take a bath your cat, be sure to use the type of shampoo. Shampoo color should match the color of the cat's skin. For example, use a dark colored shampoo when bathing a black Persian cat. You can also use a clear shampoo for any skin color. 

April. If you do not comb your cat daily, mats will form on its fur. Do not use very sharp scissors to cut the carpet. Your cat can be injured because they move without notice. Be sure to comb the hair behind the ears, neck and legs. These are areas that are normally mats. 

May. Slice or cut your cat's skin can help prevent many of the problems associated with their skin. You can avoid having shit and piss on your skin. Rug will not be a problem since your cat has shorter hair. You can ask your veterinarian to give your cat a lion cut. Whenever possible, take your cat to the salon instead of trimming cat fur to prevent unnecessary cuts and injuries. 

June. Keep your pets in Persian. There are many things that are out of your home that can make your cat's fur dirty. In this way, you can reduce the clutter in your skin and reduce the frequency with which you give your cat a bath. Persian Cats lose very little so do not worry about its fur flying anywhere. 
Persian cat grooming will require your patience. Some maybe complicated but some are simple enough for you to do it yourself. You should keep in mind that this is as important as feeding your cat. cat grooming in the end will be rewarding for both the cat and yourself. 

For those who have a cat do not let your cat or stray animal as loving as his family 


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