How to Maximize Time

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Are you maximizing your time? To maximize your time,

need to understand your strengths. 
Here's a scenario: 

The question on the table is John. , He asks: "Why can not perform its tasks I agreed to do it month after month, I know what to do, and yet I did not?" 
Ron says: "Delegate it." 

John reaction, "But I can not." 
I ask, "Tell me what you just went through your mind as you said," I can not. "" 

John says: "If I do not understand the steps and practice them until you get the results you want, I can ask someone else to do it." 
"What went through your mind?" I pray the rest of the group. 
"They would not do it." 
"No time to organize and train someone else to do new tasks." 

"Looks like I do not want to do it themselves." 
"It makes me look bad if I do not understand all the skills needed to complete the task." 

"What thoughts are these comments?" I ask. 
"If you want it done right, I have to do it themselves." 
"They do not do as well as I do." 
"I need to show my staff that I am willing to work as hard as they work." 

"I look stupid if I did not understand everything." 
"I do not deserve my income." 
"They do not like me." 

These comments coming out of the mouth of successful business people. Where do they learn? 
My mentor, Mike, was the first person to tell me that what I did was $ 500 an hour. This was in response to my saying for the hundredth time that I felt terrible about how much money I made on my staff. They deserve more of my money, and I wanted to gift them a bonus to pay more. I was sure they would appreciate it. 

I told Mike, "I have to be a model. Had to show that I'm working as hard as they are willing to work. Had to work at least as hard as I ask them to work." That, or I might not live with the fact that my salary was more than theirs. 
Moreover, I felt tremendous guilt if I was sitting at my desk apparently motionless while I ask my employees to work their tails a good company. 

Mike told me in no uncertain terms that if I sat down at my desk to think about the company, its future, its competition, its direction, if I read, studied and understood profit 
organization or strategy might look like I'm doing something but I was actually started with a $ 500 per hour, and that no one else in the company had work. I was worth every penny. 
"But Mike," I said, "It looks like I'm doing something." 

"You can generate more money per minute than anyone in the business," said Mike, a company gave me permission to do my job. 

Why are business owners in their own right? 
And if we are, how do we get out of our own way? 
How can we maximize our time? 

1. We were given permission to attend the big picture. Others in your business can pay to make $ 15 per hour or $ 50 a hour. And it's okay for you to attend for $ 500 per hour. In fact, it's your job. 

Second We need many skills to be competitive in today's market. How can you expect yourself to know them all? We never consider hiring a professional outside our company with the skill set that we have: web designer, lawyer or CPA. Why do so many of us feel that we can not recruit in our business? 

3rd When you encourage other people to perform tasks that begets respect. When you book people, listen to them, appreciate their contribution, we build and create resentment. That's the way we delegate that creates problems. In fact, organizations that hold back the power and encourage contributions to organizations that people quit. Give yourself permission to ask for help. 

4.Keyword is "Ask". When people have information and be trusted, they can perform tasks with greater success. Provide information and then ask what you need to do to make them successful. It is often uncomfortable at first for you to ask and ask, and when you break the ice, some large communications begin. 

5th What is good communication? When each side of the equation is trust that the rest looking for a win / win: a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. We must stop being a know it all. We have to keep up with lectures. We need to pray for the needs and ideas of others. We must learn to repeat the vision of success and we are ready to hear what others add to the equation. The managers have great communication to know when to listen. 
If you think people resent your income and I do not work hard, they might be right. Inevitably the time comes when they need to know what you think about the future and the big picture. You can provide security for people who work with you. Done right, they will resent you, they will admire you, imitate you, and want to be like you.So in my opinion, the time will be longer if you stare at it, but it will be short, when we do something useful.


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