The Secret Base For Storage Of Nuclear Warheads

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Krasnokamenka was a closed town of country wherever within the Soviet times there have been engineered underground retailers to gather nuclear warheads there to be later transported to launch sites everywhere the central state and a few Warszawa accord countries. for nearly [*fr1] a century this place was being encircled with myths ANd legends however once country became an freelance state town was opened and every one warheads were quarantined to Russia.

Today there's a strictly guarded base of the elite regiment “Tiger” of the Ukrainian police on its territory. Most of the tunnels were re-equipped for munition storage.

When the USA destroyed Japanese cities with nuclear wepons in 1945 the globe might clearly see the threat of the nuclear energy. the govt. of the USSR set a task to scientists to make a W.M.D. within the shortest potential time for the protection of the country. The scientists were supplied with everything they may want – there have been supported scientific and analysis centres, industrial enterprises applying the foremost advanced technologies.

The first Soviet nuclear bomb was tested four years later, in August 1949, and within the finish of 1950 there was created a call to make questionable central bases for storage of nuclear weapons.

Object 51 became one of such bases.
The operating scale was rather spectacular. By 1955 there was created a giant tunnel within the mountain from its prime virtually to the terribly bottom, its dimension and height wasn't a lot of smaller than of a subway tunnel. Its length was quite 2 kilometres.
Under the terribly prime of the mountain there was AN assembly search and a few storage depots. The search was regarding twenty meters high and a few dozens of meters long. it had been equipped with all necessary lifting instrumentality. the entire underground advanced had power provide from outside and autonomous power provide from the emergency diesel generators placed within.


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