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All breed cat in the world, nothing is more spectacular or fully
recognized that Persian. Their appearance is 

almost noble, creating images of wealth and abundance, particularly white Persian cats, but this breed brings to 
the table more than its appearance. Calm and loving temperament makes them a joy to have around the house and a wonderful loyal companion. 

Persians have a long and interesting history. They initially thought to originate in Iran, formerly Persia existed. While this may be true, the modern Persian race has lost its genetic signature. The modern breed we see today is perceived to have, for the most part, developed in Western Europe, especially Britain. It was not until after World War II that American breeders have identified the natural beauty of Persian and began breeding them. Today, Persian is the most popular breed in the United States. 

Persians are distinguished from other breeds by their very thick foam, large head, large eyes and shortened muzzle. In the United States, a movement was launched in 1950 to develop a flat face heavy known as false face, but it gave rise to health problems. While the false face still seems very popular health problems associated caused many farmers in mid-1990 to abandon the practice of selective breeding to produce function. The traditional aspect of Persian includes snout more elongated than what we see today, and many are now breeding to produce elite version look more traditional birth. 

Dignified, calm and gentleness are the three words that come to mind to describe the personality of Persia. They are very quiet and affectionate, making it a favorite for apartment dwellers. These are contained in almost any environment as long as they receive proper attention. Even if they do well around other animals, Persians need human companionship and should not be left alone for long periods of time. 

It should be noted that although most cats are able to take care of themselves, the additional dense brush Persian prevents them from being able to do so. Regular bathing and brushing the coat is necessary to maintain the layer mats. Moreover, the eyes of Persia can cause excess tears running down the face of the cat. Any rejection of the eyes and scabs should be cleaned daily to prevent staining of the fur around the eyes. 

Persian cats have a long and extensive history and became popular for so long that there are many variants of the race, some are spawned another famous race. Himalayas are in fact the result of cross breeding Persians to Siamese cats. Exotic shorthaired version of the Persian breed is the result of crossing Persians with American short haired cats. In South Africa, farmers have been successfully selectively bred for certain qualities to produce what is now known as the Chinchilla Longhair breed name, with a long snout and tip translucent black hair. 

Health problems 
This unique facial features of Persia variations especially false face, can cause respiratory problems and eye discomfort. Excessive tearing and damage to the cornea by the eyelashes rub against the eye as two common problems with this birth. In addition, problems of childbirth are also common in this breed and the stillbirth rate was higher in the Persians than other breeds between 16% and 22%. Other health problems that can be seen in Persian cats with polycystic kidney disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and progressive retinal atrophy. 

Persian Cat Salvage 
It's hard to believe, but there are Persians out there who do not have a loving home. While this beautiful, exquisite cats found sometimes in need of adoption for one reason or another and have recovery centers scattered throughout the country of the Persians have available for adoption. 
Such www.persiancats.org recovery center. It should be noted that this site is not delivered cats because of fatigue, it causes the animals and the number of cats in need of good homes everywhere. They recommend looking for local accommodation centers and rescue first. Anyone visiting the website above should be warned that sweet, beautiful face, they are about to see is indeed pull the rope and they may find themselves on the phone with some local time Accommodation looking for a Persian of their own. 

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