How to Make Your Own Homemade Cookie Bouquets

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We've seen all. A large wrapped shiny individually, in tinted
cellophane, clusters of thin cookies, 

And ribbon bow 
. Sweets and many different styles, in a vase or basket of certain toys and they come or in the accompanying gift items. They are edible gift and a terrible idea. After all, who you do not like cookies? Unfortunately, in particular, you can give a present, very expensive if you consider that you do not think they are one very expensive to cook the cookies. 
In this case, without having to spend a lot of money, it is a way to make a bouquet of own cookies at home! 

What you need is your: 
* Wooden skewer or stick - they please make sure it is heat-resistant. You do not work as well if it is a stick baking biscuits, ice candy. 
* Cookies - gift recipient of your choice large size Find recipes of biscuits cookies delicious, and your choice will do. 
* Sade - especially if you are planning to include those of cookies over a few large, this must be a sturdy container is a heavy-bottomed little you. You can try to put a stone on the bottom to ensure that the tank does not switch if necessary. Glass bottle bucket of plastic coffee, and metal, baskets, vases, jars, or jam jars, glass bottles, or some wooden toy box, ceramic serving dish and porcelain teapot idea of ​​some of the next container. 
* The cellophane - so bright, it looks best color, but to obtain a sheet of color, in a supermarket near you, it works too. 
* Ribbon - brackets type works well for this. Any color you want. 
* Other - anything goes! It is appropriate in any situation, to make the recipient, such as what the gift? There are some ideas here: found at craft stores of local anything real flowers stuffed animals, small toys, candy, balloons, and fake, mono or sticker. 
* Florist block or styrofoam - Do you know to buy a stereo in December last year? With a box perhaps, to find garage for some relief, the pure polystyrene simply. 
You you can use what you have on hand bit big ribbon, moss, grass, plastic, paper or crumpled silk - something * to cover the florist foam or Styrofoam. 

1st. When you place the cookie dough on cookie sheet, it spread too during cooking, please press the dough down a little flat you will be able to correctly insert the stick. You can before you bake the cookies, insert the skewer and wooden chopsticks on one side of each cookie. Without leaving the other end, please press it in substantially the entire length of the cookie. The cookies never stick as you if they were not healthy enough is an important step, cookies of your is too large, it takes simply, there is a possibility that crumble when you pick it up this . Cookies when big, you will not be able to hold the cookies three or more bars on the sheet they probably. 

2nd only to cookies to bake with a stick of their cookies is completely cooled, wrap each in cellophane with a color. Different colors for each cookie is the color appropriate or OK, the opportunity. Cookies, connecting each in parentheses some at the base and by using no more than a band. Combining very firmly, it remains fresh for cookies and stick. You can others more, decorate each cookie with a bow and ribbon at this stage. Please make sure that the ribbon and roll back! 

Figure 3, cut the size of the top of the container with florist foam or Styrofoam selection of your right now. Since mounting a lather, it's close to the top of the container tight and good. Remember, you can it to prevent it from tipping, put heavy objects on the bottom of the container. A small stone, work for this. I, please remember that you push through the foam to the bottom of the stick pan. 

4th is the fun part here, and launched a bunch of cookies! I take each of your cookies, so stick them in the foam, all the way, go left near the bottom of the pan through a form. You can you assemble the cookies in any way, but bouquet of cookies most, because they have cookies in the center is higher than other witnesses, please keep in mind this thing. Each element, decorate ribbon additional that can be fixed with glue gun (if applicable) and even cookies or add band stick container, toy, candy, flowers, gifts, etc.,. 

Give the gift of the 5th you, look at the smile! Please do give a bouquet as soon as possible after assembly, you do not want to go stale Cookie! 

Make sure that if you fill the container, it is baked enough cookies for your container biscuits, if you can run. Cooked always more than enough. Although would not waste the extras you. 
The cook cookies, large and small, I use them as a bunch of nice different looks like a bunch of flowers more traditional. 

More ideas: 
It can be fun to use and cut cookies a bunch of some of the biscuits, and decorate them to make. Cut cut the preferred form to use the sugar cookie recipe of your, suitable for any occasion. For cutting cookies at work, recipe biscuits sugar Your doubling may must be thick and great for the rod to pass through them. In this type of hook, wooden comb would be best, chopsticks may be too thick. Then I decorate the cookies with icing. To have been decorated cookies through.So brilliant, and use a transparent cellophane or plastic wrap on a regular basis, the need for colored cellophane in these cookies, family and friends of your beloved beauty of your hands Please enjoy your cookies as a gift to ^ ^ 


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