The First New Dinosaur Discovery in Madagascar for a Decade

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Check the theory Abeli ​​saurid fossil discovery waiting for "Sad
Little Bandit" 

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Fear of the announcement of the discovery of a new genus of Abeli ​​saurid,. Fossil palaeontologists have made a small number of only a fragment of bone and vertebrae, and completely fragment, assign new species / genus first be described from Madagascar in nearly 10 years with a brand new genus Abeli Saur I was not similar enough. 

Fossil carnivorous dinosaur of the late Cretaceous of Madagascar 
The fossils are found in strata of the Upper Cretaceous, about 90 million years ago, which is attached to the stage of Cenomanian fauna. Diana area of ​​northern Madagascar, they are found around (also known as Diego Suarez old) town of Antsiranana. The first evidence of the fossil, discovered in 2007, a second expedition to extract the material artifacts and fossils of many, was held in 2010. This is the curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science found dinosaur co-venture (California, United States) and Raymond M Alf Museum · Dr. Joseph Sertich, of paleontology. The new theropod is Dahalokely tokana is named (Loader - toilet - you know the pronunciation No Kah), the words "miserable little bandit" locally, this is it dinosaur related to a known saurids Abeli ​​different from the Southern Hemisphere from the fact that when this dinosaur, which means a reference to the size of roamed, Madagascar separated from the African continent. 

Dahalokely tokana - "Sad Little Bandit" 
What is an island of the world's fourth largest, to explain the unique flora and fauna to be found, Madagascar, millions of years, the isolation, "Island of the oldest in the world" with a total area of ​​2.25 hours days or more as the size of the United Kingdom which is considered by many scientists. Such as providing a link between the child and the fossil Abeli ​​saurid old fossil material dating near the end of the Cretaceous geological period, the researchers declared this discovery. Describe this fossil and help to fill an important gap in knowledge about the evolution of Abeli ​​saurids. 
Length of up to four meters in half 
Estimated 3 and 4, and are measured between half a meter in length, this predator is a two-legged, there is a possibility that something like a year and a half high waist meters is situated. D. tokana is known only from a small number of fragments of ribs (bone in the neck) cervical vertebrae, and (back bones) thoracic vertebra. A distinctive feature of individual spine, which led to assign the fossil material and represented the first described dinosaur laid down stone from (India, Madagascar ground) when India and Madagascar are combined scientists, the new species was. It is possible to discover the greatest D. tokana, dinosaur fossils approximately 70 million years old can not be determined from the 165 years between people, is classified to species level. This significant gap is reduced to 165 - about 90 million years. 

The same pedigree of India after Madagascar carnivorous dinosaur? 
Something like two million years, Madagascar split from India since dinosaur is present. Piping, rising plume of lava began to force its way into the crust from the mantle beneath the soil of India and Madagascar, which began to expand forced crust to crack away. Lifting led to the separation of Madagascar and India. The fact that the new species is Abeli ​​saurid, who lived before the half, this type of dinosaur, and Late Cretaceous Abeli ​​saurs from Madagascar Rajasaurus like after Abeli ​​saurs and Indian (R. narmadensis ) as Majungatholus known as Majungasaurus possible and has led to speculation that it might progenitor of the large supermarket destructive dinosaur. The research team, they hope to find a fossil of Dahalokely more than to be able to determine the taxonomic relationships between different kinds of carnivorous animals. 
Discovered Dr. Sertich said this new kind of dinosaur and is related to Abeli ​​saurids other well-known from the Southern Hemisphere near Commenting on the importance of this dinosaur. This finding emphasizes the importance to find a new dinosaur genus, to explore the more remote parts of our planet obviously. 
Project leader, Andrew Farke, saurid Abeli ​​other fossils, waiting for discovery from developing billion-year-old and 90 age always palaeontologists are (Augustine curator of paleontology family · Raymond M Alf Museum of Paleontology) said I suspect that was. However, far from complete fossil offer vital clues to the evolution development of large, carnivorous dinosaur from the land is the supercontinent of Gondwana and former ancestors. 

Questions than it answers come dinosaur 
, The answer is to leave more questions than answers specimen is fragmentary, but it provides important evidence linking Abeli ​​saurids Madagascar and India Abeli ​​saurids common ancestor form.Dinosaur This potential is a large and fearsome creatures as well as the discovery of dinosaur many.


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