5 Keys to Raise Good Kids

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Increase of good children is not easy. Some parents leave the
screenplay Elmo in sesame and work 

While others leave the responsibility of the teacher street. 
For children, it is possible to achieve such a state of hero often, icon and television teacher is seen as always a good role 
Model to simulate. if you leave it that way, has left a great opportunity to teach your values ​​them. 
It, forgetting that it is to encounter at home to help them count the most is sad this is most parents. If it is classified in this category, when returning responsibility good parenting came it you. 
If you want to raise a good child, 5 Tips Parenting can help. 

1. The praise the good behavior 
While praise pump excess complete, they of unrealistic expectations and devaluation of the praise press them too small. What is needed is an appropriate dose of praise. And, more importantly, praise the correct behavior. 
Many parents reward kids for lie or praise recently too. Mom is not at home, candy is a wrong way to take care of your little ones or "thank you!" Ask your child to tell a Bible salesman to reward them. 
Only if your children want to work, you praise the good behavior. I punish bad behavior or criticized. This way you are giving your child rewards and at the appropriate place them, I will learn that bad behavior will not be tolerated. 
At the same time, for the praise, there is another thing you need to remember you. You are not required to praise the children if it reaches the pump, the sound of their own, such as a fake probably. Children of praise is like watering your plants, you need just the right amount to take care of your plants. I kill it so much. 

2. I decide your values 
Social skills is one of the essential skills for granted we always. In math we put the children to school to learn how to excel reading, or writing,. We, when it comes to learning skills and knowledge, they spend thousands of dollars or several hundred books and educational toys and CD in order to ensure that it is identical to the peer. 
Unfortunately, on the assumption that it was, then we teach social skills to them, fall into place just spend a little time. Therefore, many children are faced with social issues competent academically. That is why you are surprised to find that their children may become the school bully many parents. 
Please do not ignore the social needs of your child. , You will not be able to touch the people to withstand others, textbook of social skills of all the other teach, but to educate them about making friends. To spend the time to talk with them, it will change a lot of things. 

3. Take advantage of the teachable moment 
children learn better when they see something in action. So, if there is a teachable moment, I seize the opportunity to educate your child. This is one of the most ignored aspect in child-rearing. 
Undesirable behavior or failure that occurred in front of the eye appears, take your time to tell your children why you do not want to act like that he is you. And, good things in front of you, when you seize the opportunity to make sure that your child is also seen, to educate them. 
Than doing countless, and teachers you, you will see it is easily absorbed what is more, in front of their eyes. As some say, actions speak louder than words. 

4. Limit Electronics 
to pay attention to what they see or play. Almost every year, you'll read the story of the children jumped from the balcony of their specifications and you can mimic Superman, hurt themselves when they tried to steer wrestling. 
We live in the age of visual stimulation is more than enough. Because you can play thanks to the X-Box living room, and PlayStation, they do not go spend time now baseball a lot of children. Read a book instead, they are surfing the net. 
I put a cease-fire to this problem. I will restrict the use of "electronic simulation of" their. If you want to limit the time of the personal computer and their TV, you can find something that does not need to buy more things in the end they. This means not only save you money, it also can save the children from unwanted impact. 
Do you take your children to the park, you can register them in team sports. A healthy way complete 10 days of maneuvering football PC game, having to spend 10 minutes playing football is the expenditure of more rewarding. 

5. To office 
And whining, he tells him that it is possible to get away other people's lives and be miserable and make your child have his own way after crying. 
Because you want to avoid confusion, they break Some parents. However, in accordance with the terms of those, I'm teaching your child fussing work. So, next time, they want to make something that you can see the same tactics you that was used. 
One way to deal with this is to make a promise to you that before they even step out of the house, what you did not ask. About the importance of the type of action to take if you have commitment and break it, I teach them. 
Your job is to help your child as a parent. Having a good child is not accidental. Time, it takes skill and patience. The most important thing to take the time to apply them to your children and you learn. 
If you want to be a mother and father proud, and start teaching the correct value for your child when there is still small. Without much resistance they, please do not waste a great opportunity to teach them while you absorb your ideas. They are small, when they are large, so you will not have a big headache, but it will start. That it did not disclose the too.Child what to them as you're ask yourself what you did not tell us before you is as easy as that.If is like a sponge whatever disobedience your kids They look at it, If you want to save the mind.So of practic of them, and they are thinking before you act.


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