Be Careful With the Radiation of Your Hand Phone!

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Hand easy mobile phone communications is certainly very useful
device for you. However, to 

Radiation of the device is very harmful to our health knows? One of the potential causes that it is very 
The brain child of a woman's womb, and many other problem issues. Radiation, as well as eggs and popcorn you microwave that can cook you know? If this effect is also great if you use it, your body is going to happen to you? 
You reduce the impact of radiation to keep this device need to be very careful. Wrong places and attractions to keep this device for your health and can cause some serious problem. As possible, your kidneys, heart, reproductive organs, so keep it in 

Has a very destructive effect. 
In this case, may be a simple foreknowledge. Always ahead of 2-3 months of her pregnancy the fetus was a woman who experienced a fall. She confirmed that this is a problem when the doctor hands her uterus was infected with phone radiation said. It could not be made to grow the fetus died. She was always near her vagina a few years of her jacket pocket for a mobile phone in her hand, and because women have experienced this problem. 
Also, when you sleep around you Do not place this device. Some studies using a cell phone in their hands, people often have a greater risk of certain types of brain tumors can be shown that this is Also available in your bed, radio, TV, and other electronic devices such as laptops, if it is good to place. 

Radiation of these devices during sleep well your one of your hormonal production system is very harmful cause problems. Effects will occur in a long time. Your pillow near the mobile phone of your hand if you have a habit of placing it to fix it as soon as you better. 

In addition, a device known as a mobile phone radiation, especially to their brain, wihaeseodo is harmful to children. The brain of a child for a long time to resist heat dissipation is very weak. Their brains are too sensitive to radiation resistance may not be near the baby, do not use this device. 

If you are pregnant, to reduce the frequency of mobile phone use, it's good. When using this device, such as your baby is very active in several behavioral problems, such as poor socialization may increase the risk to the growth. 

To reduce the effects of radiation can try these following tips: 
1. Your child, please do not use the device too frequently. 

2 Its use is limited 

3 You make or receive a call in order to reduce radiation headset or speaker system, use 

4 Too often, Bluetooth to avoid using. 

5 Using Wi-Fi to avoid reduced to the wave. 

Efficiency in high-tech devices to provide can be very useful for us. However, we state whether it is bad for our health, the impact that you have that you actually need to make. Our health is precious at all, because it is expensive, it is something bad must act quickly before the health.We our own, and prevention and is good for us to be wise. 


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