Czech team swaps pedals for Tour de France scooter epic

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Czech team swaps pedals for Tour de France scooter epic

Four Czechs, a Finn and a Dutchman have distributed with pedals and commit to use solely leg-power and a combine of wheels to urge them through the Tour American state France.

They hope to complete the race skis 3 arduous weeks.

Men practiced furiously footbikes - scooters for a wheel full size front and lower back - before the tip of June, kick-off edition of the one hundred most noted race within the world.

"This is that the initial company to hide the Tour American state France Footbike and additionally the largest sporting challenge in our lives," same Vaclav Liska, theater role player and also the soul of the project.

The trick is that the latest in a very series strange and outre episodes hit the race over the years, together with the death of jellyfish in 1910, and in 1905 a pneumatic tire, at one hundred twenty five pounds (275 kg) of nails thrown on the road.

In June this year, the French prisoners within the southern island of Corsica to the line of this year's competition, can step cycle in jail - security guards - before skilled.

At constant footbikers hope to start out in every of the three-week race twenty four hours before the likes of Alberto Contador, Mark Henry Cavendish and Chris Froome - and canopy the gap at the time the largest names in sport.

I initial had the concept in 2005 whereas observance tv coverage of the opposite within the Czech Josef Zimovcak, now 56, WHO was riding a bicycle bicycle anyway, continues even once he fell and lacerate ribs, arm bones and head.

"Losers quit once they are tired. Winners stop only if they need won," Liska told AFP.

Since 2011, they need trained consistently and notice the dream alive for nearly 3500 klick (2200 miles) in Porto-Vecchio, the Mediterranean island of Corsica, the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

This year's contest consists of twenty one steps from twenty five to 242 klick, together with six sections and 4 mountain summit finishes.

This is not a straightforward achievement pedal controversial that jokingly delineated  the trouble as "our twenty one days of fun (?)" On their web site.

"For cyclists, all means that of 5 or six, perhaps seven hours of sport," same Jan Vlasek member of the team, a professional WHO practices nightly once losing his suit and tie.

". we are going to actually be a lot of slower, which implies that we have a tendency to pay up to seventeen hours daily on our long footbikes he's our main concern. Lack of sleep and lack of your time to recover "

Footbikers get pleasure from 2 free days designed Platoon eight and July fifteen, and 3 steps against the clock of the month.

"Cyclists ought to ride at full speed, after we conduct terribly snug takes Associate in Nursing hour and ninety minutes. Then we will rest," same Vlasek.

On the opposite hand, the mountains ar a tricky team.

"We haven't any worry at any time, however there ar actually command additional respect," same Vlasek, bearing on the longest stage between Givors and Mont Ventoux, the cyclists can cowl 242 klick, 14 July.

A key for men is to use technology ideal driving, that successively needs every leg is standing on the deck and turns the soil.

Footbikers hope to contribute to Associate in Nursing journey of this sort, that remains very little familiar, despite gaining ground through events like Footbike Eurocup, control annually since 2001.

"Footbiking could be a casual sports -. agone some cash in it and there's no stress folks copulate as a result of they require to," same Vlasek.

Footbike dates back to 1994, once a Finnish contestant Hannu Vierikko Kickbike company began coming up with its authorised scooter, runners can run quicker.

Member Jaromir Odvarka team has been familiar to interrupt down a hill ninety eight klick, however men say the tour can average additional like 18-20 miles won't come.

Vlasek same that if they manage to the Arc American state Triomphe in Paris, they throw an enormous party, then begin to replicate the new challenges.

"It would be attention-grabbing to additionally cowl the routes to the opposite 2 major sport races, once they flip one hundred," he said.

"100th edition of the Giro d'Italia in 2017, however you'll be able to see atiny low drawback Vuelta, that was sixty seven editions up to now. we have a tendency to ar in our sixties once the time comes," he same with fun.


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